Prosystem offers technical assistance and design services in order to propose the most suitable solution for the customer's needs. A highly qualified technical department provides the information needed to size the system and prepare the bill of materials.
Prosystem can also provide the sizing of sprinkler bracketing, fixed point bracketing, flexible joint sizing, structural analysis for anti-seismic bracketing, static verification for anchoring photovoltaic and solar systems according to a variety of standards (NTC2018, Eurocodes, NFPA13, UNI 12845).


Prosystem Italia offers a comprehensive consulting and design service to meet the needs of every client. Our team of technical experts is at your disposal to support you in all stages of the process, from preliminary design to the implementation of the executive project.

We can provide specialized technical advice on all types of installations, both industrial and civil. We can help you choose the best solution for your needs, taking into account the type of plant, environmental conditions and current regulations.

In addition, we provide 2D and 3D working drawings that will enable you to visualize the project realistically and plan the implementation accurately.

Our consulting and design services include:

  • Analysis of client needs
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Provision of 2D and 3D working drawings


Technical support is one of our strengths: we put our expertise and our technicians at the disposal of the customer, who can thus always find the most suitable solution for their needs. Prosystem can also conduct the sizing of anti-seismic bracketing according to current standards, UNI EN or NFPA sprinklers, fixed point sizing, anchoring for photovoltaic and solar systems, and structural analysis in general.


We are able to bring the result of our dimensioning back to the drawing board: they will enable you to visualize the design realistically and plan the implementation accurately. Finally, our technicians are available for site inspections to support the installer both before and after the sale.


We make available to designers and installers, simple, intelligent and quality BIM design tools offer valuable savings potential. At Prosystem, we support you in detailed 2D / 3D design using the powerful software design tools of the SiCAD family.

We have various BIM plugins and tailored analysis software that support the planning and design process. These tools are essential for the day-to-day work of our engineering experts, but they also improve collaboration among the people involved in the design lifecycle.

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Prosystem Italia offers an efficient and timely logistics and delivery service.
We guarantee the availability of our materials for prompt delivery, so you can start work quickly.

In addition, we offer cutting and pre-assembly services, based on technical advice from our experts. These services will enable you to further reduce the time on site, with guaranteed quality assembly.

Our logistics and delivery services include:

  • Off-the-shelf materials
  • Prompt delivery
  • Cutting and pre-assembly services


Prosystem Italy offers comprehensive and qualified after-sales support to provide our customers with peace of mind and security.

Our after-sales services include:

  • Earthquake calculation reports and certificates
  • Plug extraction test
  • On-site technical assistance

Prosystem Italia can provide calculation reports and anti-seismic certificates for all its products. This service allows the client to be able to finish the work safely, with all the necessary documentation to verify that the installation complies with current regulations.

Prosystem Italia offers the possibility of conducting anchor extraction tests to verify the strength of anchors in the case of applications on non-standard materials.
This service is particularly useful to document the quality of installation of anchors and thus ensure the safety of the work.

Our team is always available to provide on-site technical assistance. Our technicians can solve any problems and support the proper installation of products.