At PROSYSTEM, we are a company specializing in the field of bracketing for installations, and we are the ideal partner for professionals and installers working in both industrial and civil fields.

In addition to a wide range of products, we are able to support you with a design and consulting service for your installations: from the analysis of the need, to the drafting of the project (calculations, material lists and technical specifications, etc.), always taking into account the regulations and the economic aspect.


We support your installations efficiently, safely and reliably, with products built to last and comply with current regulations.


Since the founding of Prosystem Italy in 2000, we have been committed to raising standards to make Prosystem synonymous with: safety

- Safe products
- Secure planning
- Secure delivery



Our solutions play an important role in your project, and we are aware of this responsibility. That is why we focus on uncompromising quality in all aspects of our products and systems.

With carefully designed functionality, our customers receive a solution that is in line with their needs. Anyone who has used Prosystem products knows how easy they are to assemble, how they save time, and how economical they are-with superior quality.

All of our products are tested by independent testing and certification associations. Therefore, we guarantee that our customers are absolutely safe when they choose Prosystem products for their project.


With our planning, we offer excellent support to our clients.

We know exactly what is important during the planning process and the solutions that need to be provided on site to ensure that projects run smoothly. Prosystem offers security in terms of flexibility through our ability to support clients at every stage of the project.

To ensure the best possible outcome we integrate BIM capabilities with a wide range of options.


Our customers receive products and services they can count on: safe components, safe processes, and reliable deliveries.

To ensure the best possible results, we work as a team with our partners to deliver our products on time.


We at Prosystem Italia are aware that one's footprint on this world is only temporary. It is up to each individual and legal entity to make their own contribution, therefore, we are committed to marketing products that promote more efficient use of resources.
We are also committed to optimizing energy use in all our facilities, avoiding waste and promoting the use of renewable energy.
With reference to the 17 Strategic Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or SDGs) defined by the UN 2030 Agenda, we have identified goals to which we believe we can make an active contribution.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. We support the education of our employees. We provide our employees with extensive internal and external training opportunities and encourage and require lifelong learning. We offer apprenticeships and study places.

Secure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. By using all roof surfaces that are statically suitable for electricity generation, we make a substantial contribution to sustainable energy production: we have installed photovoltaic panels totaling 200 kWp in our plants. Since 2021, we have chosen DOLOMITI ENERGIA as our sole supplier for electricity. Since 2017, our energy fuel mix has been 100% from renewable sources, and we largely offset the CO2 produced by the gas consumed by our customers. That's a lot, but we know it's not enough. And every day we raise the bar on our goals and try to exceed it.

Build a resilient infrastructure, promote widespread and sustainable industrialization and support innovation. Innovative design methods enable products that are up to 70 percent lighter with comparable structural performance. 
This reduces CO2 emissions both during production and during transport and handling on site. Products are designed in line with the lifespan of the buildings and structures installed in them. They can be disassembled and reused as part of a closed-loop recycling system.


Prosystem will only work with transportation companies that use a fleet of sustainable vehicles and have set an understandable goal to achieve carbon neutrality.
Our products are made from 100% recyclable materials. In addition, our products are designed in such a way that oversizing of individual components is avoided-this saves resources in the production and use of materials.

We promote environmental awareness among our employees through education and training and motivate them to act responsibly.
Approximately 50 percent of shipments are entrusted to BRT and 35 percent to FERCAMIn BRT's fleet conversion (to date 80 percent of vehicles are Euro 5 or higher), there is an increasing presence of electric, CNG and pedal-assisted cargobike vehicles.
Every BRT shipment is CO₂ neutral, thanks to projects that offset greenhouse gas emissions with the production of clean energy from renewable sources: from the wind power plant in India to the biogas production project from landfills in Brazil.[1]
At FERCAM, sustainable logistics is about alternative fuels and technological innovations, but it also passes through social solidarity initiatives, inclusion projects and circular economy.[2]
[1] Source: BRT's Environmental Sustainability Program.
[2] Source: Fercam logistics, sustainability, circular economy - Italian Press